Diversity and Inclusion

It’s part of our DNA

MOTLA is committed to provide equal opportunities in employment. This means that we treat our fellow MOTLA employees and potential employees with fairness and do not engage in any form of unlawful discrimination.

We are operating in a country and a world made up of diverse and individually unique people. This uniqueness and diversity truly inspire us. We are part of South Africa’s ‘rainbow nation’; part of the diversity of cultures of Africa and all of us form part of the 21st century’s global village.

Above and beyond the visible differences between us, there are also diverse traditions, that incorporate a wide array of personal experiences and points of view.

It’s recognition of diversity and the endless inherent human potential, drive MOTLA’s embrace of diversity in its workforce. Within MOTLA, our potential is as significant as the combined potential of our employees. Having a diverse workforce enables us to understand the diversity of our clients and consequently allows us to provide services that meet our Clients’ needs and requirements.

“We are committed to unleashing the potential of our people through a high performance culture that supports technical and personal development and effectively aligns it with client needs.”

Corporate Governance and B-BBEE

Management, shareholders, board working together

In MOTLA, corporate governance entails, laws, policies, procedures and most importantly, practices that ensure the well-being of the assets of the company. Corporate governance is at its highest levels when management acts as long-term investors in the company.

A foundation of integrity, control and stewardship

MOTLA has a strong history of operating with integrity at all levels – within the company and in the countries in which we operate. Our values, principles and purpose guide us in our everyday practices. This is how we have become a stable, reputable and trusted company that serves our clients, employees and the local communities around us.

Doing what is right – corporate social responsibility

MOTLA, as a company, does not focus on profit only, but also on people and the environment. We have a corporate social responsibility to our clients, the environment and the broad community regarding what we do and how we do it. We invest our experience, talent, financial resources and tie to the benefit of our local communities. We do not only want people to expect something better, we want to help them to also receive something better.


South Africa’s policy of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) is not simply a moral initiative to redress the wrongs of the part. It is a pragmatic growth strategy that aims to realise MOTLA and the country’s full economic potential. Motla is a 125% Level 2 BBBEE Contributor.

Non-Discrimination Policy

We follow all related laws and, in our employment decisions (such as recruiting, hiring, training, salary and promotion), do not discriminate against individuals on the basis of disability, race, colour, gender, age, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, marital status, citizenship, veteran status, HIV\AIDS status, or any other legally protected factor.