Our rich and powerful history

Since 1997, MOTLA has built a rich heritage of impacting clients’ lives through services that are innovative, of high quality, delivered timeously, and done with precision.

Over the years, MOTLA has contributed, and continues to do so by helping invest in the infrastructure, economy and most importantly, human talent, in South Africa and Africa. Lives have been changed, knowledge has become wisdom and a nation has experienced the benefits resulting from our company’s devotion to employing its skills, enthusiasm and energy, in order to deliver engineering services in an honest and reliable manner.

MOTLA was established two decades ago by a professional engineer who moved from Pretoria to Klerksdorp. He had a vision of rendering honest and reliable consulting engineering services. His vision led to the business expanding its activities in a sustainable manner and delivering services in a variety of fields within the consulting engineering industry.

Demand for the quality and reliability of our services came from all provinces and led to the establishment of three additional offices in South Africa of which the establishment of the Gauteng office in 2000 and KwaZulu-Natal office in 2007 were important milestones. The solid experience acquired over the years has established MOTLA as a competent professional engineering practice rendering services in accordance with our founding vision.

MOTLA has continued to improve its services and has experienced steady and sustainable growth for two decades. In the process it became a preferred service provider that maintains a presence in five provinces in the RSA. From its modest beginnings in Klerksdorp, MOTLA has grown into a national role-player in the consulting engineering industry.

MOTLA is resourced and equipped with competent professionals and individuals to deliver the necessary expert service to the various spheres of governments’ policy on Black Economic Empowerment and, in compliance, the company has become Black-owned and managed.

Currently, MOTLA is a leading multidisciplinary engineering company, with expertise in building and industrial services, energy and utility services, electrification and lighting services, network and financial planning services, power transmission and distribution services.

The company’s management represents more than 270 years of professional experience.

“Timing, perseverance, and ten years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success.”

Biz Stone, Twitter co-founder


Electrification of an entire town


First of many 33kV powerline projects


Breaking new ground with our first substation


Developing Software for Telkom to be used throughout RSA


MOTLA North-West established


MOTLA Gauteng stablished


MOTLA Limpopo established


MOTLA Kwa-Zulu Natal established


First PV Solar Project


MOTLA Western Cape established


First African Master Plan Project

Early Milestones


Eskom Klerksdorp initiated its first township electrical reticulation project back in 1993 in the North West Province (then the Western Transvaal) in the Town of Agisanang (Sannieshof). Johan Mocke of MOTLA was appointed as manager of the project. Township electrification (urban electrification) was very new to Eskom and Eskom relied heavily on the knowledge of the consulting engineer. These “humble” beginnings led to Eskom’s impressive Electrification Standard that is widely used today.


Eskom Bloemfontein appointed Johan Mocke of MOTLA for a single circuit, 88kV, concrete structure powerline in 1996 to supply the 10MVA, 88/11kV main intake Substation of Khuma (Stilfontein). This was the first of many above 33kV powerlines projects that MOTLA has undertaken. Rain and damp ground became the major challenge for this project.


The first substation in the MOTLA Group was an appointment from Eskom Bloemfontein for the Khuma 10MVA, 88/11kV intake substation in 1996. This launched an impressive career for MOTLA that followed over the years.

Energy efficiency

MOTLA’s personnel showed a keen interest in the concept of energy efficiency from its humble beginnings. The first major appointments came from Telkom Properties in 1997. The contract involved Telkom properties countrywide. This entailed a major assignment for a minor company at that stage. It also led to the ground-breaking software that MOTLA has developed over almost 20 years. The initiative saved millions of Rands for Telkom and was (and still is today) the most profitable department in MOTLA.

Support over time to local authorities

MOTLA significantly contributed towards sustainable development of infrastructure over a 20-year period in Local Authorities. One example is the towns of Jouberton and Ikageng in the areas of Matlosana (Klerksdorp) and Tlokwe (Potchefstroom). MOTLA was responsible for the full roll-out of electrical infrastructure in these two towns.

Studies and experimentation

MOTLA conducted a specific study in the early stage of its existence and in the early stages of the mass electrification programs in South Africa, was the study on the phenomena of diversification related to After Diversification Maximum Demand (ADMD) in townships. Diversification figures were readily available in established townships but were not studied in disadvantaged communities. A field measuring system was installed in Kanana (Orkney) on reticulation poles and distribution boxes and the results of this study indicated the expected difference in diversification values in these communities.