Leadership Development

Nurturing through mentorship

We believe that training and development is the way to equip our employees to be the best they can be.

Expertise and professionalism are regarded by MOTLA as very important and we therefore strongly believe in the ongoing training and development of our employees.

Our managers are responsible for providing, or facilitating, staff with adequate on-the-job training to ensure competency in the workplace.

MOTLA’s managers are also responsible for ensuring that training takes place and that, where relevant, formal qualifications are obtained.

Managers are furthermore responsible for periodically reviewing the status of training and qualifications, together with adequacy of the prescribed requirements and ensuring that training in systems procedures takes place.

MOTLA’s employees are the company’s most important asset and source of competitive advantage. We are as strong as the talent of our people and therefore our aim is to build MOTLA from within and have a leadership team who are driven by our shared values and purposed in managing the company.

“You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing and falling over.”

Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group founder

Motla boasts with an engineering team and technicians, accredited as professionals that have been supporting the executive team for a number of years. The executive team has more than 274 years of combined extensive experience in electrical-, electronic- and mechanical fields of consulting engineering. The engineering team is also qualified in these above fields, and has gained extensive experience in the consulting engineering industry.

The engineering teams can deliver professional services, including investigations, preliminary designs, details designs, specifications and contracts, all services related to construction monitoring and project management.