Motla Academy

Moving Africa forward


At MOTLA we have identified an opportunity, one worth pursuing.

We have realised that MOTLA’s resource pool is vast and could be implemented much wider than merely executing projects. Knowledge is the core resource in our organisation. We wish to empower the youth with this knowledge.

Academic institutions mainly focus on the building blocks of the industry, therefore we like to cover the gap between theory and practice by offering an in-house academy.

Our aim with such an academy is to offer the practical experience we have gained over years in the industry to young minds eager to become leaders of the future. We want to encourage the youth to dream big in order for them to execute those dreams to the benefit of all.

The MOTLA Academy’s main purpose is to incorporate National Government’s objectives on initiatives for social development, enterprise and skills. The MOTLA Academy is the umbrella organisation under which MOTLA Consulting Engineers assist and empower the youth for a better future in becoming active members of the economy.


At the MOTLA Academy, we aspire to unlock the potential of individuals who are motivated but experience constraints to further their skills and education by using experts in the field in order to equip innovative, market leaders. The youth of today will be moving Africa forward…


The MOTLA Academy offers nationwide training in skills and social development delivered to dynamic, self-motivated individuals who struggle to acquire resources that would further their skills.

“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.”

Bill Gates

Enterprise Development

It can be defined as the act of investing time and capital in helping people establish, expand or improve businesses.

The MOTLA Academy contribute to the development, sustainability and financial and operational independence of the beneficiaries to Enterprise Development.

Enterprise development helps people earn a living; lifts them out of poverty; and ultimately leads to long-term economic growth for themselves, their families and their communities.

Socio-Economic Development

The MOTLA Academy endeavours to provide development services to South Africans in the regions where we are active. These social development initiatives will be implemented where we identified a need in young people with the vision to improve their future through education.

The MOTLA Academy is committed to social transformation embodied in the principle of social justice and the Bill of Rights. It, therefore, strives to create a better life for the poor, vulnerable and marginalised people in society.

Our aim is to use our expertise and knowledge as professionals to equip these South Africans, helping them embark on a journey where they are educated and self-sufficient and whereby poverty is relieved.