Energy Management

Securing energy and ensuring prosperity


In the last 10 years. Motla has implemented ±75 projects nationwide with a total net worth of ±R414m. Motla has saved ±R408m by verifying ±14k accounts monthly from corporate companies.

Motla has implemented ±40MW energy efficiency, demand side management and renewable energy projects. Motla has read and managed ±1.3m municipal accounts monthly for local authorities.


Remote Metering
Account Analysis
Energy Efficiency
Integrated Demand Management
Industrial Process Efficiency

Is your energy strategy a growth strategy?


  • City Power - Johannesburg (Pty) Ltd
    City Power DSM 2009/14/15/16
  • TFMC / Bidvest Facilities Management (Pty) Ltd
    Telkom UMS
  • TFMC / Bidvest Facilities Management (Pty) Ltd
  • Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality
    Ekurhuleni UMS
  • Sedibeng Water
    Sedibeng Water DSM
  • Emfuleni Local Municipality
    Emfuleni DSM
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