Network and Revenue Planning

Enhancing growth through sustainable planning.


In the last 10 years. Motla has implemented ±35 projects nationwide. The resultant effect of these projects, such as plans put in place and policies implemented affects ±5m people nationwide.


Operations and Maintenance
Master Plan Study
Quality of Supply Investigation
Tariffs and Cost of Supply Study
Bulk Supply Contribution Policy
Protection Study

Is your infrastructure sustained?


  • Kpone-Aplonia (Ghana) Master Plan
    Leo Consulting
  • Emfuleni Tariff Study 2007/10/11/14
    Emfuleni Local Municipality
  • Botswana Master Plan
    Botswana Power Corporation
  • North West Province Platinum Zone Master Plan
  • Tlokwe Master Plan
    Tlokwe City Council
  • Polokwane Electrical Contributions Policy
    Polokwane Municipality
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