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EPCM Services

Utility Management

Utility management provides quality, structured data for decision-making and ensures optimal expenditure on utilities as well as protection of revenue. The objective of the utility management process is ultimately to increase the clients’ competitiveness in the global economy.

Our approach is based on the principle of demand and supply, taking on the balancing act and unlocking new opportunities. The process is a systematic and holistic engineering approach with the focus on capturing, analysing, and optimising utility costs for clients in the utility environment.

Our software platform, VERIFICA, is a custom-built package for utility management, which provides us and our clientele with a competitive edge. A structured database forms the basis and strength of the whole platform.

The main deliverables consist out of:

Save clients costs on utilities.
Provide quality data to all levels of decision-makers in a company.

Energy Management

Energy management is the practice of minimising costs by optimising energy usage. Our strategy is to minimise energy consumption before exploring alternative power sources.

Our solutions consist of four basic components:

Firstly, an in-depth investigation into the various energy consuming systems and its designs is required. Our focus is on efficiently designed systems, rather than simply replacing the technology. Properly designed systems such as Lighting, HVAC and Compressed Air, will ensure the minimum energy usage and guarantee compliance to the applicable statutes and regulations.
Secondly, we will focus smartly on energy-efficient technologies. This will ensure that the technologically most advanced and efficient products are used to complement the design.
Thirdly, the focus on manufacturing processes highlights process management as a crucial strategy to realise the ideal condition and satisfy the demand-side of management.
Finally, successful energy management incorporates leadership. This implies a commitment from top management by setting targets, monitoring consumption continuously and facilitating progressive improvement through clever policies and awareness campaigns.

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