Utility Services Team

Out in the field

Motla, as detail design engineers and project managers, is very aware of the effective usage of electrical energy in South Africa. We developed an interest in the energy efficiency sector and have experienced industry exposure for many years in South Africa. The electrical energy efficiency field is wide and our exposure motivated our tailor-made development of services, which are being driven by engineers who understand the technical aspects of the saving of electrical energy.

These services include the gathering, handling, checking and verifying of information, redesigning certain aspects where necessary, implementing corrective measures, interfacing with all stakeholders and comprehensive reporting to all relevant parties.

Particular services include metering, instrument authentication, electricity bill accuracy, tariff structure verification, energy efficient equipment and corrected technical applications, agreements with authorities et cetera.

The business sectors include the parastatal environment (Telkom et cetera), the commercial sector (banks et cetera), the industrial sector as well as the local authorities and government.

A comprehensive and competitive service will not be possible without the effective use of software tools to allow for the necessary computing of volumes of data, housing of an authority service data set and the communication of all related data to operators, auditors, managers and all other client-orientated interactions.

Motla developed its own software tools over a period of 15 years. The development of software is centred on the engineering aspects of service delivery, seeing that we, as engineers, believe that we are trained as problem solvers (from detecting the problem up to implementing the solution) and not only perform the auditing function with no effective and guaranteed implementation of the solution.

We currently boast a complement of nine individuals who are delivering a specialised service to our clients.